Tropical Storm Harvey Update

Things are looking more serious.
The map shows the location of T.S. Harvey at 7am. The orange is the area of tropical storm force winds. The black circles are the forecast storm type. S=tropical storm. H=hurricane. Red is a hurricane warning. Blue is a tropical storm warning.

The white is the "confidence cone" which shows the area where the eye of the storm could make landfall (don't focus too much on the placement of the black circles). The white is not the placement of the winds.

I believe it is quite possible that Harvey could be a category 2 hurricane at landfall, which means winds are a bigger threat than it appeared yesterday.  The map below shows the earliest reasonable time of arrival of tropical storm force winds.

Unfortunately, the storm is going to stall near the coast causing catastrophic flooding. The forecast rainfall amounts are below. Note that Houston is in the area where more than 15" is forecast.

I will update again late this afternoon or early this evening.


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