There Are Terrific Jobs Open in Wichita

During this period of little weather, I want to reiterate something I have written about on a number of occasions. Want a great job? Come to Wichita! Below is a screen capture from the Wall Street Journal online this morning.
Boeing 737's being built in Wichita
Yes, too few workers!

Meanwhile, Alton Brown -- on the same day -- is calling Wichita one of the top ten cities in the United States.

Come and join us! You will not find a more progressive (in the best sense of the term) city with friendlier people!

ADDITION AT 12:15pm. Other people are commenting on the WSJ story and I want to clarify something. Airbus' office at Wichita State's new Innovation Campus isn't a "local office." There are more than 300 jobs (and, they are hiring) and they design the wings for every type of Airbus aircraft including the super-jumbo A380.

In addition to a great salary, see below.
You can get a great job, have a low cost of living, a great lifestyle and probably the nicest airport in the entire nation with coastal non-stop flights and many connections.

Come and visit.


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