Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Global Warming Hypocrisy

Al Roker (who has zero education in climate or meteorology) says

NBC weather anchor Al Roker believes that the extreme weather conditions the country is experiencing this winter are due to climate change. 
"We've been in a pattern now where five weeks in a row there's been a storm that comes up and then reforms off the mid-Atlantic/New England coast and dumps a ton of snow," he told Larry King during an interview Tuesday. 
"Is this all part of climate change?" King asked.
"I think it is," Roker replied.

Sam Champion (who has zero education in climate or meteorology) says:

Sam Champion is passionate about climate change and its ramifications. He is very concerned about water shortages in coming decades. He has the courage to say what we are just now beginning to understand about where we should be vs. where we are on alternate water sources. “We are horribly prepared (for drought in the Southwest).

Why do I bring this up?
Al is on the road this week (during the period where TV ratings are measured) traveling to all 48 contiguous states -- and burning fuel -- as a ratings stunt for the Today Show. If he truly believed climate change was a serious issue, he'd stay in the studio and publicize the fact he is staying home. 

And, Sam?
Yes, a non-scientist is flying all the way to Paris to lecture us during Al Gore's propaganda-fest about cutting our carbon footprints when he could give the lecture just as well staying home.

As Glenn Reynolds says, I'll believe global warming is a crisis when the people telling me its a crisis start acting like its a crisis. 

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