10:30am Wednesday Thanksgiving Weather Update

The forecast hasn't changed very much from what I published below.

The risk of flooding is considerable. Here is the five-day precipitation amount forecast:

Courtesy of Dr. Ryan Maue, here is the forecast which shows scattered showery rain at 5pm this afternoon.

At 9am Thanksgiving morning, the rain is much more widespread and freezing rain starts to mix in from Sioux City to Kearney.

At 5pm Thanksgiving Day, snow is falling from the Michigan UP to south central Nebraska. Snow is also falling from south central Wyoming to southeast Colorado. Freezing rain is occurring from near Omaha to western Kansas in scattered locations. Thunderstorms with heavy rain over southern Kansas and Oklahoma.

Black Friday: Because you wouldn't get me out there without a court order, I have no idea what time would be best, so I have guessed at 4am CST.
Freezing rain is occurring in scattered locations from south central Iowa to eastern New Mexico with widespread, heavy rain from Texas to Chicago.


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