Ice Storm Update, 3:40pm Thursday

Update on the serious ice storm in the Central Plains:

There is a report the power is out in northwest Wichita. It is unclear if this was directly caused by the ice storm. Regardless, this is the first of many areas that will be having power problems tonight. If you live in the area I have outlined, you may wish to fill your car with fuel and get some extra cash at the ATM before the ice arrives.
I apologize for the coarseness of this particular model but if you smooth it out a bit in your mind, it gives a very good idea of the consequences of this storm.
  • Green: Bad driving, with the worst conditions on secondary roads. 
  • Yellow: Bad driving conditions on all roads, impassible side roads. A few power outages.
  • Red: Scattered power outages. I believe the red area should extend up to about Wichita. 
  • Dark red to white: Widespread power outages possible. 
Please make sure friends and family in the affection regions are aware. 

Here is the forecast radar (graphic courtesy Dr. Ryan Maue) for 7pm this evening:
Blues are snow with darker blue = heavier snow. Purples are freezing rain with darker purple = heavier freezing rain. 


  1. And the new Kansas road conditions website KanDrive is down and showing 'error'. Nice...


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