Friday, September 25, 2015

Downburst #2

Downbursts usually occur in "families" and that is the case this evening as a second distinct downburst (at this point, a "microburst") has occurred from a second thunderstorm that formed on the original downburst's gust front (scroll down).

Here is the Doppler wind data as of 6:10pm. The original downburst's winds are the thicker arrows. The second downburst, to the northeast, is shown by the thinner arrows.

Here is the latest reflectivity data at 6:18pm. You can see the second thunderstorm south of Haysville which caused the second microburst.


  1. Interesting topic Mike.

    Do you think it could be possible to get microbursts in low CAPE environments, like 500j/kg or less?

  2. Steven, that would be a great topic for some research. My guess is no. I suspect you need higher CAPE than that.


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