Special Hurricane Joaquin Update

Wind speeds are now at 105 mph and pressure is down to 954 mb. Satellite images show an eye (yellow dot) forming and a stronger central dense overcast, always a sign of strengthening.

The computer models that have come in since I last posted have allowed me to become a bit more confident as to the location of landfall (between the orange lines).
It now seems likely Joaquin will reach at least Category 3 (major) status and Cat. 4 is not out of the question. 

So, now is the time to start thinking about hurricane precautions (flood precautions are below, scroll down) if you are along or east of I-95 in Virginia/North Carolina:
  • Bring in lawn furniture, trampolines and other items that might blow about. Any car not needed for evacuation needs to be in the garage or other shelter.
  • Get plenty of cash -- twice what you think you will need -- as if you will be gone for two weeks. If the power failures, your credit card will not work. Cash is king. 
  • Prescriptions should be refilled.
  • Fill your fuel tank for your evacuation vehicle. Take plenty of protein bars and water bottles for the trip if traffic is heavy. Batteries plus flashlights!
  • If you have a generator, fill its tanks. 
  • Put on hurricane shutters if you have them. 
  • Put valuables in your safe deposit box or, if you don't have one, put them in another secure location.
  • A place to evacuate to: A relative's inland home (outside a the flood plane), an extended stay hotel, etc. If you chose the latter, make sure you have a reservation. Pay for the first night with your credit card and take the reservation with you. 
  • Get one of those solar cell phone rechargers; power failures may be widespread.
I'll update in the morning. 


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