Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hurricane Joaquin's Serious to Catastrophic Flooding to Cost Economy Billions

 Tropical Storm Joaquin was upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane this morning hitting sustained winds of 75 mph and promises to be a knockout, even if it never makes landfall.

Projections are that it could dump up to 10 inches of rain over parts of the country from the southeast to New England, and is threatening to cost the US economy billions. Adding to the worries, Joaquin could converge with another slow-moving storm on the East Coast and lead to devastating flooding into next week.

Mike was quoted today in Fortune saying that this storm has one of the most alarming rainfall forecasts he has seen, with the potential of serious catastrophic flooding from North Carolina to Massachusetts. It will also disrupt the economy with the economic impact reaching into the billions of dollars from damaged property, disruption in manufacturing, shipping companies having trouble making deliveries, cancelled flights, and preventing people from going out for shopping, dinning and entertainment this weekend.

Mike also predicts that this storm has the potential to be as devastating as Sandy because of the quantity amount of water and the size of the area that will be hit.

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