Monday, October 6, 2014

Temperature "Adjustments"

For blog postings pertaining to global warming, I have used the British worldwide temperature index known as HADCRUT3 - unadjusted (unless otherwise stated) and for all of my articles. I chose it for two reasons:
  • It was the same metric as used by the IPCC at the time
  • By staying consistent, no one could accuse me of "cherrypicking."
Of course, in November, 2009, when the blog began there was no way of knowing that world temperatures, which had been flat since 1998, would continue flat up to the present time.

Unfortunately, it looks like the British have discontinued HADCRUT3 likely because of the unacceptable result (to the climate cult) -- temperatures have not risen. Because of the lack of warming in all of the original metrics (HADCRUT3, GISS, RSS, and UAH) they had to be "adjusted" upward (HADCRUT4) or new metrics that showed an increase (NOAA) had to be invented. Of course, this was moving the goalposts but that is acceptable to climate 'science.'

One rather persistent critic of mine says the original indices are "obsolete." Of course, obsolete does not mean "wrong" (for one of many examples of how old doesn't mean less accurate in temperatures, go here).  I concede the newer metrics might be more accurate in terms of the earth's absolute temperature. But, they are useless for validating previously made forecasts of temperatures. I believe that is the real reason climate 'science' does this -- their forecasts are so bad they to cover them up by changing the metrics (moving the goalposts). The new metrics are also suspect for determining trends.

If you would like a technical look at all of this, go here.

Down under, the media has been covering what some believe is a criminal effort to "adjust" temperatures upward while the raw data show cooling. Of course, Australia's Bureau of Meteorology's data -- if it is demonstrated it was too warm -- would mean that world temperatures are really cooler than the global indices indicate.

Here in the U.S., there are credible allegations our network is reporting temperatures that are too warm. Reason? "Adjustments." Even mainstream climate scientists acknowledge that this is, at minimum, well worth looking into.

So, what index should I use going forward? I haven't decided. That said, I wanted to bring this issue to my readers. Please look at the labels going forward because I may try more than one. 

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