The Authoritarianism of the Climate Cult

Even by Huffington Post standards this is vile and over-the-top. It was written by Robert Kennedy, Jr. earlier this week. As usual, the 'tolerant' crowd wants to make it criminal to believe global warming is not a catastrophe:
The level of untruths in this piece are breathtaking.

Kennedy begins by telling us that merely some, not "all," 'climate deniers' should be jailed. Thanks to Matt Briggs, let's go to the tape!
Really, watch the tape. This gives you an idea of how awful, vile and authoritarian the global warming movement has become. This long stopped being about science for these people. It is about control.

My question: Where are are the people and institutions (American Meteorological Society, for one) who claim they are for rational debate and who claim to be tolerant of both sides? They should be condemning this in the strongest possible terms. Their silence is deafening.


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