Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Delusions of the Climate Cultists

We've talked many times about how there is zero institutional incentive to disprove global warming. If global warming is not a catastrophe the money stops flowing. So, we learn from one of those propaganda groups based at Yale University that
in their world, the media is broken into two groups, conservative and "non-conservative." Guess which one is bad in their reckoning? 
Of course, it never occurs to the propagandists at Yale that "working to develop a public consensus on climate change" is not the job of science. They have zero interest in developing a genuine consensus, they want the public to conform to their views. 

That way, the money keeps flowing. 


  1. Mike have you read this article?

  2. Oh, good. Just what climate 'science' needs -- another model. It will "prove" nothing.


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