Monday, October 27, 2014

From a B&N Reader: A Rave Review

This is an excellent book! I loved EVERY page and EVERY minute reading it. It's written purposefully to not read like a technical science or boring history book and is a quick, very enjoyable read. 

The book reads more like a suspense thriller or mystery novel as Smith keeps the reader ever eager to hear more throughout his story-telling method of advancing the history of meteorology. Along the way the reader learns a tremendous amount of very interesting things - but the secret is they're presented almost as sidebars to the main story of a given storm. 

Not only does Smith advance the history of weather forecasting, but also mixes in the psyche of the individuals drawn to the profession of weather forecaster, a bit of his own biography and a whole host of interesting weather facts. And the most clever part of it all is how much one learns reading this book almost without realizing it. 

I hated to put it down and would highly recommend this book to readers of all interests.

Thanks! You can order the book from B&N here.

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