Sunday, September 9, 2012

TSA Pretty Much Admits Security Has Nothing to Do With Getting on Plane

It has to do with "attitude."

Below, I write about "Diet Coke as a Weapon of Mass Destruction" where the TSA is now demanding to test drinks purchased after going through security and in the "secure" area of airports.

Here is a rather shocking video from Houston where a woman, approached by the TSA, decided to consume her drink rather than allow it to be tested. I can see that, she paid for it. If it was dangerous, drinking it would harm her, right?

Not good enough for the TSA. They kept her off the plane not because she was a security threat (they admitted it) but because she had a "bad attitude." The full story is here.

She goes on to ask, "Is that [keeping me off a plane because of a bad attitude] legal?" The TSA replies, "It is."

I doubt that.

Regardless, I'll say it again: Why are we supposedly "free" citizens allowing this nonsense?  The TSA is a genuine threat to our liberties, especially now that they are showing up at political events.

One of the goals of this blog help people assess and correctly react to risks from natural disasters. I write about the TSA because I'm a concerned citizen and because the TSA massively overreacts to the terrorism risk. Most of that they do is "security theatre" and has little to do with making us safer.


  1. "Most of what they do is 'security theatre'"

    You could probably title your posts about the TSA "Security Science Theatre 3000"!


  2. Except there is nothing "scientific" about what the TSA does! :-)



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