Saturday, September 29, 2012

Model Railroading 101

Without exception, sometime in December, I receive a few emails and other messages asking me about model railroading.  Since so many people chose Christmas to get into the hobby, I thought I'd start making a few comments now so you can be thinking about what you would like to ask Santa to bring you.

Below is a brief video taken at the model Tehachapi Loop on my O-Gauge layout. Most model railroaders who really enjoy their hobby create a "story" around their pike. In my case, it is my family and career.
This video shows a BNSF gasoline and grain (for gasohol) train coming out of the Loop's tunnel while a CSX coal train waits for the BNSF to pass. I usually give each train a name. As the train passes, the camera pans to see the high dessert shrubs with some autumn color. AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions, my employer, provides weather forecast and storm warning services to the railroads that serve central California and it is fun to re-create those scenes.

I find operating multiple trains to be wonderfully relaxing as I have to concentrate on the control of the trains and I forget my other worries.

Since the weather looks quiet, I'll have a family-themed posting the middle of next week.

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