Friday, September 28, 2012

Ruh-Rho II!

This is about as close as you will see a publication that is all-in for 'global warming' admit we may have a major solar-related cooling problem:  some are forecasting a solar "grand minimum."

Grand minima can last for decades. The previous one took place between 1645 and 1715, and has been linked to the little ice age in Europe. A new one might also cause localised cold periods, but many climate scientists see a silver lining to such a turn of events: a grand minimum offers ideal conditions for testing the effects of solar variability on Earth's climate (see "Our star's subtle influence").

So, let me get this straight: The last "grand minimum" caused the Little Ice Age but this new one (if it occurs) will only cause "localized cold periods"? Wrong. The correct answer is we don't know what the effects of a grand minimum would be on earth's climate. It could be minor or it could be catastrophic.

From practically the first day of this blog, we have been discussing the very real threat that solar-related cooling, rather than greenhouse warming, is the problem. Cooling is far worse for humanity because we could not grow enough food to feed the world's population.

There is a potential irony here: If major cooling is in the offing, we may want all of the greenhouse gas we can get into the atmosphere to mitigate the cooling!  I'm not saying that will be the case, only that it cannot be ruled out as a possibility. 

It is time to stop speculating: As I mention below, let's stop spending so much on nonsense (the TSA's nude machines to take just one example) and start putting our resources to learn the risk of, and how to mitigate, catastrophic threats like a solar minimum and EMP.

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