Wednesday, August 8, 2012

George, Kramer, and NASA

Two nights ago, there was a Facebook discussion about this posting where I criticized the "science by press release" tactics of NASA's James Hansen along with the 'science' expressed in the press release.

In the New York Times and elsewhere, even pro-global warming scientists are speaking out against this nonsense.
“This isn’t a serious science paper,” Dr. Hoerling (of NOAA) said. “It’s mainly about perception, as indicated by the paper’s title. Perception is not a science.”

In that Facebook discussion, one poster, sticking up for Hansen's paper, posted his reasons for support (in order):
  • "I believe the NASA guy."
  • "He works for NASA."
  • "He works for NASA."
When someone thinks of someone as working for NASA one usually thinks of rockets lifting off at Cape Canaveral, The Right Stuff, or the state of the art control center in Houston. 

Dr. Hansen, while working for NASA, works somewhere else.

Remember Monk's on Seinfeld? 

It is based on a real restaurant in Manhattan: Tom's. In Seinfeld, it is called "Monk's."

So, where does Jim Hansen work? Right above Tom's Restaurant!
Photo courtesy Anthony Watts
While I'm sure it is a perfectly nice office, it is pretty disconnected from the rest of NASA.  


  1. GISS, a division of Vandelay industries.

  2. Corner office with the view. He must be important! How do you get to the Batmobile from there?

  3. My dad worked for NASA, but he says AGW is a load of hooey. Gosh, which NASA guy should I believe. the one who built real stuff in the Apollo days or the one with the overworked Gameboy?

  4. The astronauts and other NASA employees have protested Dr. Hansen's antics. Here is their letter:


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