A Must-Read Review

Dr. Judith Curry is a full-time, well-credentialed, climate scientist. She has written a review of Donna Laframboise's new book, The Delinquent Teenager, a highly-critical critique of the IPCC. Some highlights of Judy's review:

...Overall, Donna Laframboise is to be congratulated for writing an important book. 

So, how will this book be received by the climate establishment?  First, I suspect that they will attempt to smear Laframboise as a denier.  This is not the case.  Her prime motivation seems to be a concern about free speech; she has a long standing involvement in free speech issues in Canada.  Second, people will pick apart some of the minor points that are arguably suboptimal interpretations.
In terms of the broader audience, I have to say that I hope that this book leads to the discontinuation of the IPCC after the AR5 report (which is already well underway, and is arguably sufficiently tarnished that it is likely to have much less influence than previous reports.)
My personal reaction as a scientist is to be very thankful that I am not involved in the IPCC.  I already feel duped by the IPCC (I’ve written about this previously), I am glad that I was not personally used by the IPCC.
Does the problems with the IPCC mean that WG1 science is incorrect?  Not necessarily, but I agree that a “new trial” is needed.  
I regret that so much of our intellectual horsepower and research funding has gone into supporting the IPCC assessments.  Donna’s book could provide some impetus for changing this.

I still have not read the book and probably won't for at least another week due to heavy travel. It is getting great reviews from people I respect.

I can say this: I agree 100% that the IPCC has done more harm than good and should be disbanded.


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