Drum Roll.....National Weather Festival Announcement

After much thought, we are going to do something big for the National Weather Festival on a one time basis.

Because there are so many students (grade school to college) that attend -- and I really want them to read Warnings because I think it will help them start their careers -- we are going sell hardcover copies of the book for $10!

That's right, $10.

We, at first, were going to make the students provide ID but that seemed like too much of a hassle. So, we are going to sell them to everyone who wants one or until the supply we are taking down there runs out.

So, come down to the Festival on Saturday, October 29 and bring your $10 bill. If you know someone who likes weather, nature, or history, it will make a great Christmas present. First come, first served.

Finally, to be fair to blog readers, if you will send us a check for $15 that is postmarked by October 31st, we'll also provide the book for $10 + the $5 it costs to mail it.

As you know, the book has a five-star rating from Barnes & Noble and a 5-star rating from Amazon.

I'll happily autograph the book no matter where you purchase it. Just tell me how you would like the autograph to read.

Happy (early) Holidays!!


  1. What a great Offer Mike! Thanks for giving back to the community!


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