Latest on Wheat Belt Rain

The computer models have been trending toward heavier amounts and the main precipitation band a bit farther east -- right over the heart of the winter wheat belt. Let's review:

Japanese Model
From's Professional site
Legend below European model

European Model

United States' Medium Range Model
National Weather Service GFS model
The foreign models were run from data as of 7am Central time this morning. The U.S. model was run from data at 1pm.  Interestingly, the U.S. 7am version had a 10" rain area between Pratt, KS and Woodward, OK. That seems a little extreme but clearly, the models today have trended upward in the amount of rain forecast.

If there is any bad news here, the worst of the drought is along and west of U.S. Highway 83 (McCook, NE - Garden City, KS - Amarillo) and, if the European and U.S. forecasts are correct, that area will only receive light to moderate amounts.


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