Steve Jobs, Rest in Peace

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Steve Jobs has died. We offer our condolences to his family and friends.  

While most everyone associates Steve with Apple, his work at Pixar has cheered millions of children and adults throughout the world.

Mr. Jobs is one of the great innovators in the history of technology. His contributions to our society and our world will be sorely missed.

Here is the tribute on Apple's web site:

Apple's statement:

Virginia Postrel wrote this excellent tribute in August, 2011:

“Businessmen,” Tom Wolfe tells the Wall Street Journal, “no longer have the conviction 
that what they’re doing is exciting and glamorous, which is, I guess, another 
way of saying intrinsically worthwhile.”
That was all about to change.
In the 1980s, entrepreneurs became heroes, celebrities and role models. The Apple whiz kids, 
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, were the new face of business.

Please read the whole thing

And, finally, Steve's excellent commencement address to Stanford University. Well, well worth reading. 


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