"Oh, the Humanity!!"

Haven't the people of Yellville, Arkansas, ever seen WKRP in Cincinnati?

 - No one in Yellville will say if they expect wild turkeys to fall from planes for this year's Turkey Trot Festival. But the Federal Aviation Administration says it will be watching.

An FAA spokesman tells the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that the agency will track any pilot who drops wild turkeys over the tiny north Arkansas town. Offenders could lose their licenses.

The spokesman, Lynn Lunsford, says no one in town will tell them who flies the planes.

Fans of the drop say it doesn't hurt the turkeys, which float to the ground.

(Full story here.)

"Doesn't hurt the turkeys?!"

I suggest the organizers view this before disaster strikes again, including Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson's immortal words, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

From Hulu, here is the pertinent scene:


  1. Life imitates art I guess! The Turkey Drop is one of my favorite episodes of WKRP... along with the episode in which a tornado is heading for Cincinnati and newsman Les Nessman, using an outdated Cold War era atomic attack script, solemnly warns his listeners that they are under attack by "godless tornadoes".


  2. "The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement!" Priceless!


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