Environmentalist on Nuclear Power

Those who are familiar with George Monbiot know he is a tireless crusader for environmental causes. While I believe he sometimes goes too far espousing the cause of global warming, I have always given him credit for sincerity.

Given his passion for environmental protection, I pleased recommend his new column on the often deceptive and sometimes downright false claims of those against nuclear power.  His column concludes:

We have a duty to base our judgments on the best available information. This is not only because we owe it to other people to represent the issues fairly, but also because we owe it to ourselves not to squander our lives on fairytales. A great wrong has been done by this [anti-nuclear] movement. We must put it right.

There is little doubt in my mind that current nuclear power is sufficiently safe. Next generation nuclear power is VERY safe and much less expensive. America, and the world, need to be moving forward with the new versions of nuclear power as quickly as possible, regardless of where we stand on the global warming issue.


  1. nuclear > coal

    I totally agree, when all costs are taken into account (including health & environmental) nuclear is WAY cheaper than coal. Also coal kills many more people per year than nuclear (although there's likely going to be some birth defects in Japan over the next few years).


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