Monday, August 16, 2010

More on Columbian Plane Crash

I have received several inquiries with regard to the Columbian plane crash wanting to better understand what might have occurred.

At this point, the data to analyze the crash in greater detail is not available. However, there do seem to be some similarities to the 1985 Delta 191 crash in that both planes were landing and that Delta might have slid along the ground like the Aires Airlines plane with relatively few injuries had it not stuck an automobile on Highway 114 and then slid into the water tank. That impact and the resulting fire were the cause of most of the casualties.

Most other nations do not have the sophisticated weather warning systems we now employ in the United States.

The complete evolution of a downburst-related crash is covered in the Delta 191 sections of Warnings. For those with a copy of the book, you may go to the special web site (, enter the code (found on the copyright page), and view actual video of microbursts and other pertinent material.

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