Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Heartening Story

About the refugee from Cambodia's killing fields (his mother and father were killed by the Khmer Rouge who is now a congressional candidate in Massachusetts:

After years in a Thai refugee camp, in 1986 Mr. Meas was brought to the United States by the aid organization Catholic Charities. He spent months watching "General Hospital" and "All My Children" to improve his vocabulary. Twenty-five years later—after stints as a shoe-shine boy, a grocery-bagger, and a financial adviser—Mr. Meas is learning the craft of politics. "Health care should not be in the realm of government," he tells me in carefully accented English at a Cambodian restaurant where he is something of a celebrity...

Mr. Meas, who describes this country as "heaven on Earth,

(full story )

Yes, America is "heaven on earth" when compared to most parts of the world.  I just finished reading the article at Jack Stack Bar-B-Que (gastronomical heaven on earth) in Martin City, MO when, on the way back to our hotel, I came across this stand at Blue Ridge and Holmes Roads:

Yes, only in America would one find luxury bedding sold on a street corner.

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