Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hurricane Heads Up!

Stories like this give meteorologists nightmares...

BILOXI, Miss. —Robert Latham spent Aug. 27, 2005, riding along U.S. 90 from Jackson County to Hancock County along Mississippi's Gulf Coast, marveling at the number of people grilling, swimming and playing volleyball on the beach. They seemed oblivious to the monster storm that churned in the Gulf of Mexico, headed their way.

By the time Katrina departed, 168 were killed in Hancock Co. and the surrounding area.

After what has been a quiet hurricane season for the U.S. in 2010 looks like it is going to turn very active from roughly Thursday of this week through the end of the Labor Day weekend.  At leas two storms could conceivably threaten the U.S.

Meteorologists know that people on vacation often problems keeping up with weather information and have problems evaluating it because some are not familiar with the geography, local TV and radio stations, etc.  For this reason, I am urging anyone planning to vacation along the Gulf or Atlantic coasts this week or next to take a road atlas (even if you are flying). Or, note this link for a hurricane tracking chart.

Finally, here is AccuWeather's Hurricane Center for all the latest!

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