Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5:10pm Winter Storm Update

This is a two-part storm. One low is over western Kansas, the second over Arizona.

The AccuWeather Regional Radar at 5pm:

Here is the forecast of the probability of two inches or more of snow beginning at 6pm this evening and  ending at 6pm Friday.

Here is the probability of an additional 8" or more.

So, more snow is on the way for region. What are the most likely additional amounts?

Yes, that is an additional 15" in central Kansas, including I-70. The "ensemble" model indicates that Wichita will have an additional 9 inches of snow.

Finally, there will be freezing rain, especially in northwest Arkansas. This map is valid during the same period starting at 6pm this evening.
The lightest green is 0.01", darker green is one tench of an inch. The area where power failures are most likely is in the Ozarks.

UPDATE: (H/T Danny Murphy) Harrison, Arkansas is forecast to receive 3/4 of an inch of freezing rain.


  1. If Wichita has another 9 inches of snow, that will break the record for heaviest snowfall event, correct?

  2. Stan, our record is around 15.5" if I recall (I have not personally researched it). So, it would put us near that amount.


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