Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Weather Channel® Has Lost Its Way

Another giant layoff announced today.

In the nearly three year history of this blog, I don't think I've posted about The Weather Channel. I used to watch them quite frequently (five or more years ago) but I doubt I've watched them -- cumulatively -- ten minutes in the past year.

Its endless repeats of cheesy documentaries (with fake footage), behind-the-curve storm forecasting, and constant turnover have made it irrelevant to many.

Out of curiosity, I just turned over there and they are showing a documentary about... a road construction project in NYC??!!  Guess they don't need meteorologists for that.

The Weather Channel used to be a very powerful brand. Now, it seems to stand for nothing. It is a shame.


  1. Same thing happened to the Discovery Channel. It's all "Swamp Something" now.

  2. Sounds like MTV. I don't think they even play any music videos anymore. I no longer change over to TWC as they are always running some show that doesn't allow "Weather on the 8's", or what they show is 1/2 the country away.

  3. I agree Mike, it is a shame of what they have become. Not even a shadow of what it used to be. Like, you, I can't remember the last time I watched them for ANY length of time for just weather. Also, I find it is interesting that I came across an article stating that TWC was laying off 7% of its workforce. I know Jeff Morrow had announced his retirement within the last 2 weeks after 26 years and one other meteorologist had announced they were leaving also. I wonder how many of those being laid off are current employees of Weather Underground and/or TWC?

  4. Hi Saline, I don't know the answer to your question.

  5. Weather? Not on the 8's...on the "what's the weather" channel.
    Some of the weather, some of the time...but not when you want it....on the used-to-be-weather channel.

  6. The Weather Channel has become a mere husk of itself. The brand used to stand for accurate forecasts with people that would explain the why behind the what. Now, if you want that, you have to e-mail your local broadcast met or try to start a dialogue with your local NWS office. I get my weather from the NWS and analyzing data on my own so I can become a met. TWC=WOT (Waste Of Time)


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