My Answer to a Question about Global Warming

I was questioned this morning about my view of politics and global warming. So, since we have thousands of new readers this summer (thank you!), I thought I would postmen answers here, also:

We've "done" plenty about climate change -- $1+ trillion dollars. The problem is that neither side is doing anything effective.

D's listen to the wind lobby -- one of the most vicious -- and as a result installed ineffective windmills that drive up rates and destabilize the grid. I live in the Great Plains. You can hardly turn around without running into a wind turbine -- often not turning. 

The R's don't listen to hype (please see: ) which is a good thing, but they often don't listen to the honest scientists who have good insights as to what should be done. 

We need to correctly define the problem: violent tornadoes are less frequent over the last 50-70 years, normalized tornado damage is shrinking and hurricane duration/intensity (as measured by the peer-reviewed ACE Index) and the IPCC says it cannot determine if humanity is having an effect on floods (increased or decreased). Weather-related deaths are down 99% in the past 100 years, primarily due to better warnings and mitigation measures.

The problem: greenhouse gas is increasing mean temperatures over the earth, especially at night. This has beneficial effects (longer growing seasons, less net energy use worldwide), we may be getting to the point where benefits may be overwhelmed by the heat. We cannot be certain because climate models are rather crude (e.g., they don't replicate the mid-20th Century cooling). It is difficult to separate natural effects (heat/drought of the 30's) from mankind's, especially when factors like future land changes use can't be simulated. 

My solution: stop installing wind turbines. We should continue research into solar for grid purposes* but it is not quite ready for prime time. Storage is far too expensive but research should continue. We need a crash program to convert electricity generation to nuclear and, where possible, hydro. 

We need to continue to research hydro, fusion and other promising areas. 

That's my position. 


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