Sunday, July 9, 2023

Northeast: Enhanced Flood Risk

Below is the regional radar as of 5:35pm. The arrow denotes the direction of movement of the heavy rains.
There is already a flood emergency in the southern Hudson Valley where more than eight inches of rain have already fallen (see below) as of 5pm.

The area in red, below, is the current flood emergency.

This is a terribly dangerous situation all the way into northern Vermont. As mentioned below, pack a go-kit now that contains what you would want to take if you have to evacuate on short notice. 

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Heavy rains of up to 5 additional inches with a chance of are forecasted to fall between 6pm this evening to 6pm Tuesday. It is not out of the question the lower Hudson Valley could see as much as 8 inches. 

Update 4:55pm:  The NWS says as much as 12" may fall in central and northern Vermont and far northeast New York. They say the flood risk is "high" -- only 4% of days have a "high" flood risk but they account for 40% of the fatalities. 

These rains will fall on top of significant rains that have fallen during the 24-hours ending at 3pm. 
If you live in a flood-prone area, now is the time to prepare a "go kit" of things you would want to take if you are ordered to or want to evacuate on short notice. 

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