Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Global Warming: How True!

And, yet, this huge hypocrisy  -- which infects so much of climate science -- is unrecognized by the insiders. 

So, I was shocked yesterday when the Washington Post, one of the leading conveyors of climate hype, ran this article:
Of course, I would say that "throwing money at counterproductive solutions" is not much of a policy. Regardless, the article, which is here, seems pretty mild and obvious to me. I surmise that is true of most readers. But, as the author notes, "angry climate activists" will reject common sense. He ends the article:

This inevitably means talking about climate change more as a problem to be managed than as a crisis that requires a total restructuring of the economy. The fact that many climate activists angrily reject such language suggests sustainable progress in fighting climate change will remain elusive.

"A problem to be managed." Where have our readers heard that before? 

But, before you become optimistic that, at last, maybe the global warming fanatics will calm down, here are the first three entries in the "comments" to the article:
Insects? Sigh. 🙄

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