Sunday Thoughts: We Were Assured This Wouldn't Happen

Last year at this time, Kansas was in the middle of an election campaign to allow the legislature to put restrictions on abortion. Our Supreme Court ruled, in spite of the word not appearing the Kansas Constitution, that it contains a "right" to abortion. Those of us on the pro-life side warned that Kansas would become the abortion capital of the Midwest. I was told, explicitly, by one abortion supporter that becoming an abortion capital would not occur. 
Now, less than a year after the vote, it has already occurred. See the story above. I can hardly imagine what the numbers will be in another full year. 

The late Bishop Fulton Sheen (a likely saint) summarized our current problems in America well.
986 of every thousand abortions are for convenience. The 986 are not due to rape, incest, the physical health of the mother, or the child having genetic issues. 

That means that Kansas doctors aborted 12,245 baby girls and baby boys for convenience -- our future scientists, social workers, teachers, technicians. One of them might have invented a new source of low-carbon energy. Or, one might have been the first woman President.  That is why it is essential the pro-life movement continue to press forward in Kansas and elsewhere. 

How Can The Dream Survive if We Murder the Children?!


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