Shame on Climate 'Science'...

Climate 'science,' where hype overcomes facts.

This is what drives me crazy about climate 'science' and climate scientists. They should be condemning this unscientific nonsense in the strongest possible terms. Instead, silence.

Here is the issue as reported by Bjorn Lomborg and Jo Nova, the allegedly scientific journal Lancet attempted to visually overstate the number of deaths due to heat when we know -- and has been reported on this blog innumerable times -- cold kills far more. So, what did they do? They distorted the graph! 

Below is the base axis:
On the left is the legend for deaths due to cold. On the right side of zero is the axis for heat deaths. They are not close to being equal!

The graph on the left is how it was presented in Lancet, which makes it look like heat deaths number far more than they actually do.
On the right is Bjorn Lomborg's graph of the same numbers of deaths with the same axis. It becomes easy to see that cold kills ten times more than heat.

Of course, that scientific fact is intolerable to global warming 'science.'

I saw an article the other day that claimed climate science "hadn't gotten its message out" because scientists "distain marketing." Utter nonsense. All we hear about is "climate change," "climate emergency" and "climate weirding," and other focus-grouped non-scientific terms. 

Fact: Many summers have been hotter than the summer of 2023. Fact: We are 2/3 of the way through July and the horrible, early hurricane season -- predicted due to warm ocean water -- has been an utter bust. 

Just yesterday, the hurricane hype machine cranked up because of a wave in the Atlantic. 70, gasp, percent, they said. 

Now, the probability is down to 40% and the new European and UKMET models (the best hurrcane models in my opinion) show nothing threatening the USA between now and August 1. 
This is a hype-free site when it comes to hurricanes and other forms of extreme weather.  So, if you want the real scoop about hurricanes or any other type of weather, please check in from-time-to-time. 


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