"Playing Pretend"

The blog post below is titled, "Big Enviornment: Always Confident and Most Always Wrong." That piece was written two days ago and published this morning. When I wrote it, I was unaware the new Michael Moore environmental movie was being released today.

Never, ever, ever, did I think I would agree with Michael Moore on something. With this movie, we are in complete agreement: Green energy is "playing pretend" -- it isn't solving anything and, most of the time, it is making environmental problems worse. Most everything people believe about the environment and the 'solutions' to global warming is completely wrong.

Michael Moore's new movie, Planet of the Humans, exposes solar, wind energy and biomass as the environmental disasters (yes, disasters) they actually are. As physicist John Droz, Jr. says of Moore,
If you want a more extensive review of the movie, go here.

Those of you who have read this blog for a while have seen my prediction that, in a decade or so, the Great Plains will be littered with rusting wind turbines. The movie validates that prediction and along with many others.
The bottom line of the movie is that we would be better off using fossil fuels for energy than using 'green' energy. 

I can't 100% recommend the movie as there are questionable edits and obvious inaccuracies, e.g., there hasn't been a "Koch Brothers" since August when David passed away.
Clearly, the best way to solve the global warming problem is nuclear energy, preferably next-gen nuclear. The term, "nuclear energy," unless I missed it, is not spoken in the movie. The on-camera narration constantly tells us we cannot support the world's population, but we could with nuclear. I've never understood liberal's adversion to nuclear.

In addition to global warming, the dying out of species called out as the serious environmental problem it is.

So, while I cannot vouch for the accuracy of every statement in the movie, it is damning toward environmental conventional wisdom. I'm hoping, since he is left of center politically, the environmental movement will stop posturing and starting reaching out for genuine solutions.


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