Easter Weekend Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Outbreak

Note: As of 8:30am Friday, this forecast
still looks accurate.

-- original posting --
With the arrival of the latest forecast data this afternoon, I am increasingly concerned about tornadoes and severe thunderstorms over the Easter weekend. 

In the red, higher risk area, there is the potential for a vicious outbreak of tornadoes which would be comprised of:
  • Supercell thunderstorms, each producing multiple tornadoes.
  • Fast-moving storms, perhaps providing less advance notice than usual
If you haven't already for the 2020 tornado season, please clear out your shelter area, add a couple of bottles of water and, if appropriate, a couple of diapers. I also recommend my "tornado alarm." The alarm is free and will provide storm warnings for your specific location that will arrive faster than any other location. You may also want to give friends and relatives a "heads up."

Of course, I will update as the weekend approaches. 


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