New Yorkers Seem to Have An Odd Perception of "Flocking"

From, the definition of "flock."
From the New York Post:
There were nine photos to illustrate people "flocking" (crowding) the beach but none of them show that. New Yorkers appear to have self-hypnotized themselves into thinking the rest of the nation are a bunch of irresponsible fools when the evidence -- right before their eyes -- demonstrates the opposite. The media, based in NYC, suffers those same self-delusions as does their sister media in the District of Columbia.

In NYC of the west, here is a photo of the beach in Southern California today along with an urgent plea:
Look closely at the photo: Most everyone is maintaining social distancing. Plus, they are outdoors. With any kind of distancing, there is effectively zero chance of catching the virus.

I agree with the Washington Post. We should wise up and think for ourselves.

The same issue of the New York Post contains this nugget.
Does anyone realize the implications of the destruction of 40% of the U.S. economy?! I don't know whether that number is correct or not. While I would never minimize the pain of losing a loved one, for society as a whole, anything close to that number will cause far more suffering than the disease.

Put another way, (via Wikipedia) the median per capita income of the United States would drop from $38,000 to $22,800! The corresponding increase in U.S. poverty and hardship would be both immoral and unacceptable. Can your family afford a 40% pay cut?! This is not to mention the increase in taxes that must occur to deal with the overall deficit and the increasingly acute social security deficits.

To be completely clear: I urge those with compromised immune systems and over the age of 60 to continue to isolate for the time being. I also want everyone, when things reopen, to practice good hygiene: masks, globes and disinfectants.

Now that we know coronavirus is far less lethal than first thought, the risk clearly does not support "destroying 40% of the U.S. economy."


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