Tornado Forecast Update: 830am CDT Sunday

The situation still looks bad, I'm sorry to say.

Easter Sunday and Tonight
The SPC's forecast is calling for a tornado outbreak today. Let me interpret:
  • The hatching is where violent tornadoes are forecast to occur. The colors refer to the density of tornadoes expected to form. 
  • The red is a high risk of tornadoes. 
  • Yellow is an elevated risk of tornadoes. 
  • Brown is a signifiant risk of tornadoes. 
In the green area, there is a very limited risk but the odds are not zero. 

If it were me, I wold have Little Rock, Memphis and Bowling Green in the elevated risk but, otherwise, I agree with the forecast. 

The bad news continues for Monday. 
The legend is the same with an elevated risk of violent tornadoes from Richmond to Savannah. The significant risk includes Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. In addition, there is a damaging wind risk throughout the area from Georgia, north. 

Finally, here is a map of hazards across the nation. Please focus on  the brown/gold colors. Those are advisories and warnings of high winds, thunderstorms or not. 
The yellow is a tornado watch (at 8:30 am) and the red is tornado warnings. The rest of the colors can be interpreted below (please scroll down). The greens are a flood watch. 

Please monitor the weather throughout the day and move to shelter at a moment's notice if you are put under a tornado warning. 


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