Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Walt Mossberg Qutting Facebook

Renowned tech columnist Walt Mossberg has announced he will quit Facebook by the end of the year, after realising his own values now differ to those put in place by the social media giant.
Mossberg, a former writer with the Wall Street Journal and current board member with the News Literacy Project, took to Twitter today to confirm his resignation to the world.
“I am doing this – after being on Facebook for nearly 12 years – because my own values and the policies and actions of Facebook have diverged to the point where I’m no longer comfortable there,” he said.
When he was at the Wall Street Journal I eagerly awaited his weekly column because I believed he was honest and straightforward. So, I am not surprised he came to the decision to dump Facebook.  His entire announcement is here.

The only way these tech companies are going to reform is if they lose customers and money and, even then, it may be too late. Increasingly, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., are cancers on our society (scroll down past the Wright Brothers' post for examples).

...And, speaking of Google...

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