Friday, December 21, 2018

Flu Risk Ramping Up!

Per this morning's Diseasecast, clicking on the Flu Map will reveal a rapidly increasing risk of influenza over the next one to two weeks.
click to enlarge
This is especially serious in the Ohio Valley and Middle Atlantic region with the State of Ohio especially at risk.

I believe so much in the new science of proactive health forecasting that I am an investor in Ascel Bio (for full disclosure) which produces the Diseasecast forecasts.

With all of the holiday parties this weekend and with New Year's Eve coming up, I urge you to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands, cover your mouth, et cetera. Ascel Bio's experts have picked best-in-class products for flu prevention in the "Shop Now" area. Click on on it and it will take to your Amazon account. Finally, there are great blogs on keeping healthy.

Want to keep your family healthy? I encourage you to add Diseasecast to your arsenal of health tools. 

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