Introducing: MSE Creative Consulting

During the last year, and especially since my retirement, I have found myself in demand from people who would like my assistance in setting up businesses or helping to make existing businesses more profitable and efficient. I have experienced a great deal of satisfaction from these projects. 

So, while Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC still exists as the parent company (for other purposes), I have formed MSE Creative Consulting so as to focus on four areas:
  • Business and scientific consulting services
  • Keynote speaking
  • Writing on deadline/assignment (example here)
  • Future books
The new website is here.

What can clients of MSE Creative Consulting expect? 
Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs establish or tweak their existing businesses to make them more profitable as well as more professionally rewarding.

We are fiercely dedicated to the proposition that innovative, well-run businesses are essential to America. A profit, ethically made, is nothing to be defensive about; rather, it is a societal good. 

In addition to the general business consulting I have been doing, I also wish to offer my services in the fields of natural hazard warning communications and warning system design. 

Regardless of the type of assignment, you will find us dedicated to fulfilling your business goals. 

Please look over the new website and then let’s talk.


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