Sunday Fun: John Grisham Coming to Wichita

I'm happy to report that John Grisham will be making an appearance in four weeks, along with author Claire Vanderpool, to promote his new book, The Rooster Bar. This is a ticketed event. To obtain a ticket, click here.
Wichita has one of the best book stores in the nation, Watermark Books. I got to see one of my favorites, Dave Barry, about this time last year thanks to them. Not only did he autograph my
Dave. The sanest one in the photo, Kathleen. Mike. 
copy of  Best. State. Ever., we had a fun, uncrushed conversation (great guy!). Dave not only read a portion of his book to the audience and signed everyone's copy, Watermark arranged an appearance of his rock group, the "Rock Bottom Remainders." I believe you'll have a great time if you come to see Mr. Grisham.

Even better, they have copies of Warnings in stock. They ship. If you would like to order a copy to be
sent to you, click here.


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