It Gets More Bizarre: "Texas Monthly" Believes Elected Officials Should Lie to the Public About Expected Storm Conditions

If you scroll down, I wrote an article yesterday reaffirming the great hurricane warnings for Puerto Rico because they had become, in some circles, part of the blame to the for the PR disaster.

Things hurricane get more bizarre by the day: Now comes Texas Monthly countenancing lying by public officials about storm warnings! Yes, really. Here is the article. You'll see my comment at or toward the top of the comments section.
This is wrong on so many levels:
  • We have more than enough suspicion and distrust in this nation as it is.
  • We have enough problems getting people to act effectively in storm warnings when they think we are telling the truth!
  • If it becomes general opinion that meteorologists -- or anyone in authority when it comes to storm warnings -- are no longer telling the truth, we can kiss the effectiveness of the storm warning program goodbye. Keep in mind thousands of lives are saved each year by storm warnings. 
  • Every meteorologist in the public eye is approached by chem trail conspiracy people, weather control conspiracy people and people who genuinely believe we withhold information about blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, et cetera. What happens when it turns out some of the nuts were right?!
  • Finally, third parties are screwing around with my reputation and the reputations of my colleagues. That is immoral and wrong on every level. 
For a time, I had a subscription to TM and still read it periodically as we have a son who lives in Dallas. While it has, perhaps, different political learnings than I, I've always thought its journalistic ethics were fine. That opinion just changed. 

I hope some senior editors at Texas Monthly will rethink and retract that article. 


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