Sunday, August 16, 2015

Forecaster Evie Says: Watch the Radar the Next Few Days

Forecaster Evie is noticing that an unusually well-organized severe thunderstorm event for mid-August is taking shape and she wants you to be aware.

The High Plains are at risk for hailstorms and gusty winds produced by the storms today as this event begins.

The High Plains area at risk grows with a tornado or two possible.

Th   The storm ssystem moves into the Plains and mid-Missouri River Valley on Tuesday. Widespread large hail, damaging winds and a tornado or two possible.

Midwest into the Ozarks are at risk on Wednesday for large hail and damaging winds.

So, with these forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center and Evie's agreement, it is time to pay attention to the weather if you are in these areas.

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