Former FEMA Director Michael Brown Replies to Katrina Critics

More on the tenth anniversary of Katrina...

Mr. Brown has written a brief essay in Politico attempting to exonerate himself and his agency for their terrible performance during Katrina.

I wrote on this very topic a couple of days ago. Yes, Mayor Nagin's decision to delay a mandatory evacuation and the designation of the Superdome were terrible decisions that cost many lives.

But, it wasn't Mayor Nagin that sent the rescuers to Atlanta to take classes on sexual harassment and the "history of FEMA" while people were perishing as the waters rose. It wasn't Gov. Blanco that insisted on having a steak dinner at high-end restaurant in Baton Rouge -- and insisting on not being interrupted during the meal -- while confused first responders were awaiting deployment orders. All of this, and more, is documented in my book, Warnings

So, yes, I agree that Michael Brown does not bear all of the blame for the Katrina catastrophe. That said, it would be much more helpful to have him publish suggested ways to improve FEMA's perpetually poor responses to major hurricanes rather than writing a "poor me" article.


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