Extremely Active Weather

In order of concern:

Saturday, widespread severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes will develop in the Upper Midwest. Fifteen percent (yellow) is the significant threshold. Hatching is where the most violent weather may occur.

Tuesday - Thursday Next Week

Now Tropical Storm, likely Hurricane Kilo will threaten the Hawaiian Islands with the highest risk to Kauai and Niihau. Major hurricanes in Hawaii are rare but, when they occur, they approach from the south or southwest. AccuWeather has more.

Hurricane Danny

Danny is now a major -- category 3 -- hurricane with 115 mph winds.
Danny will likely begin to weaken starting in 12 to 18 hours. I believe it is unlikely that Danny will have a significant effect on the United States, but it is too soon to say for sure.


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