Why We've Mentioned Tropical Storm Danny Only Once

Earlier, a question came in asking why we have not mentioned Tropical Storm Danny, which may become a hurricane, on the blog?

I did mention Danny when it was named and mentioned it would likely become a hurricane. That is plenty considering it will be more than a week before the storm could reach the U.S. -- and that is the unlikely path. There is no reason to get excited at this point.

For others, the hype machine is going full blast:

Always dependable (for hype) The Weather Channel:

And, Yahoo! News is even worse:

As I was working on this post, the Capital Weather Gang commented on this same topic:

They had praise for AccuWeather:
FYI, this is what AccuWeather's home page looked like at the time:
The "Danny" story rotated with three others, meaning it was on the page only 1/4 of the time.

So, if you want balanced hurricane coverage throughout Danny's life, I highly recommend AccuWeather. Of course, if it looks like it will become a factor for you USA, I'll cover it here, as well.


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