Friday, May 8, 2015

Two Important Reminders

Dying of drowning in a tornado shelter. It has happened again (it also happened May 31, 2013, in Oklahoma). A resident of south Oklahoma died of drowning in a tornado shelter Wednesday evening.  Common sense is in order. If water starts rising, that is an immediate life-imperiling situation at your location. Move higher to escape the water and take your chance with the tornado at the second-best shelter you can find.

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover Flooding. A friend of mine has reported serious damage to her home from the severe flooding in Oklahoma and learned her homeowners does not cover the loss.

There may be some rare exceptions but almost no homeowners insurance covers flooding. If you are in an area that may experience flooding, get with your insurance agent -- now -- and investigate whether flood insurance is right for you. Yes, do it now.

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