Monday, May 4, 2015

Thank You, Thank You

Based on blog metrics, we have literally thousands of new readers since the 2015 storm season began. Mindy and I would like to thank each of you for reading our blog.

The Mike Smith Enterprises Blog is brought to you by and copyrighted by Mike Smith Enterprises, LLC. What is Mike Smith Enterprises? We do writing and professional speaking on extreme weather and managing the risks posed to society in general, and business in particular, posed by that weather.

For example, Thursday, I am the luncheon speaker in NYC at PRIMA meeting.
We always provide actionable information in an enjoyable manner.

Of course, we also have two books that read like novels:

Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather and When the Sirens Were Silent -- the tragic story of what went wrong in the horrific Joplin tornado. Both books have 5-star reader ratings and have received outstanding reviews by critics.

We also write pieces that range from the New York Times to the Washington Post to CNN.

So, when you get a chance, check out our web site. And, if you need a professional speaker for your meeting, give Mindy a call!

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