Monday, May 11, 2015

PRMIA Conference New York City

Mike and I were in New York City last week at the 2015 PRMIA Risk Management Conference where Mike was one of the guest speakers. Mike spoke about Weather Trends and how it is tempting to conclude that weather and climate are really getting worse. But regardless of what the media is reporting,  Mike assured the audience of industry professionals that weather and climate are getting milder. The climate is stable based on earth measured temperatures with the last rise from 1978 until it peaked in 1998. Satellite measured temperatures have shown stability as well.

According to NOAA and the world hurricane index, intense storms are not getting worse and the last 3 major category-3 or higher hurricanes occurred in 2005. The net drought is not increasing and scientists have predicted that temperatures will likely rise slowly at a manageable rate than previously forecasted. Realistically, CO2 emissions will rise 1.1 degree over the next one hundred years.

Before answering questions from the audience, Mike assured them that since scientists have no skill in forecasting over the next 7 months, they can not predict what will happen over the next 70 years.

Mike took some time to elaborate on a possible EMP attack, either from a solar storm or as a result of a nuclear attack above the earth's atmosphere saying this was a bigger concern than global warming. This event would be a very serious concern that would plunge America back into the 1870's-no electricity, possibly for months, no clean water,  no sewers or food, no ATM's, no cell phones, or electronics. The impact of a situation of this magnitude would have consequences that are long lasting and far reaching.

Every member of the audience was sent home with a copy of Mike's book WARNINGS: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather about some of the most massive storms of our lifetime and the history behind the modern storm warning system.

If you are interested in having Mike present at your next conference or convention, please feel free to contact me at for more information.

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