Thursday, February 26, 2015

McCarthyism in Climate Science - Update

Update on the unprecedented attack on genuine science that commenced this week:

The current atmosphere of McCarthyism directed toward dissenting (from the "consensus") scientists like Dr. Judith Curry and seven others that originated at the White House and has spread to the Democrats in Congress will not only discourage alternative and creative lines of research into climate but
will keep young scientists "in line."As DrRoger Pielke, Jr. wrote yesterday,

The incessant attacks and smears are effective, no doubt, I have already shifted all of my academic work away from climate issues. I am simply not initiating any new research or papers on the topic and I have ring-fenced my slowly diminishing blogging on the subject. I am a full professor with tenure, so no one need worry about me — I’ll be just fine as there are plenty of interesting, research-able policy issues to occupy my time. But I can’t imagine the message being sent to younger scientists. Actually, I can: “when people are producing work in line with the scientific consensus there’s no reason to go on a witch hunt.”

As (liberal) Tom Fuller wrote yesterday in commenting about the current witch hunt,

Because none of this is about science. It is about controlling the levers of power, making sure the right message is fed through the media channels and that funding for the right issues is uninterrupted.

I've written a number of times how climate 'science' been corrupted by politics. I would have expected genuine scientists, regardless of their positions on global warming or political leanings, to defend those under attack the past few days. In most cases, not only have they failed to speak up for academic freedom, they have joined the attacks. They should be ashamed of themselves.


  1. I have already commented on this in my Facebook feed. I don't agree with all of Pielke's conclusions, but I think he has integrity and a valid part to play in the scientific endeavour.

  2. Thanks, JayTee.

    Of course, there is a larger principle: Whether you agree with anyone's conclusions, they should be allowed the freedom to conduct research and publish the results without fear of personal attack.


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