Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heavy Snow and Ice Storm Update

First, let's begin with temperatures. Jackson, KY, where very heavy snow is forecast to fall, should have a high temperature of about 28° tomorrow which is 28° below normal. So, in addition to the ice and snow I'm forecasting, the cold will make the impacts even worse throughout the entire region.

Heavy Snow
The purple area is where 15 to 18 inches of snow is forecast to fall. In much of the heaviest snow region, they do not have the equipment and crews to routinely remove more than a foot of snow. So, travel in the heavy snow regions will be very hazardous.

As stated yesterday, please consider the following suggestions:
  • Travel before the snow begins. Once the snow begins, consider delaying travel until roads are cleared. 
  • Fill your car with fuel.
  • Go to the ATM to get extra cash.
  • Get any necessary medicines refilled. 

Ice Storm

I am very concerned about power failures in the blue region. This includes Memphis.

Here are some additional suggestions:
  • Insure any generators are filled with fuel. 
  • A power inverter is a "poor man's generator" and can be used for keeping a cell phone or computer running.
  • Trees could fall causing roads to be cut off. 
Travel will be very hazardous, of course, wherever freezing rain occurs. 

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